We created Invitation-Only to increase Diversity & Inclusion at the top.

If you would like to join this Invitation-Only email list, you are considered one of the most senior women in the world. You are a VP, SVP, EVP, President, C-Suite, or Board Member.

Yet, you are familiar that we still have a journey ahead: after all, senior positions are attained 90% of the time through networking, but that network is 85% men. Our goal is to therefore propel senior female leadership by connecting you to otherwise-confidential executive job openings from world-class companies, and increase diversity and inclusion at the top.

If you are interested in joining this pioneering movement and obtaining access to these high-profile opportunities, please submit your nomination today, and we will confidentially include you in Invitation-Only upon further review.

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About Mogul 

Mogul is a company that provides tools to individuals & organizations to achieve optimal productivity & growth. With Mogul, doing "the impossible" is the norm.

Disrupting the $30 billion productivity tech market, Mogul provides an ecosystem, including our Mogul app & platform, that enables top diverse talent to reach their goals & realize their full potential. Mogul then partners with top workplaces worldwide to attract & advance our top diverse talent — from rising talent to the most senior women worldwide — through our technology products. With the revenue we earn, Mogul provides free educational resources to women in need through international partners such as the United Nations.

Headquartered in NYC, Mogul has been named one of the 100 Most Exciting Startups by Business Insider, Best Website for Finding Top Talent by Inc. Magazine, Top Website for Marketing Your Company Online by Forbes, and Top Online Learning Platform by Entrepreneur. Mogul was also Winner of the Cadillac Innovator Award, Winner of the Northwestern Mutual Innovation & Inclusion Award, Winner of the Alice Paul Equality Award, Winner of the Corporate Culture Award, Winner of the 2018 Best Women-Focused Companies, and has been honored by Business Insider "30 Under 30", ELLE Magazine "30 Under 30", City of Fort Worth, City of New York & City of Paris. 

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